Route Package Protection

Route Package Protection is a premium shipping insurance provider for Dusted Rose. Utilizing this feature ensures that your order is covered in the unfortunate event that it gets lost, damaged, or stolen while in transit.

Route automatically connects to all of your online orders, which allows you to visually track your packages in one place and easily file a claim with their team. Add Route Package Protection at checkout to unlock full package protection and seamless resolution for order issues.

To file a claim, please click here.

Note: If your order does not have Route Package Protection, please contact the carrier to file a claim.



How do I file a claim with Route if my order is lost, stolen, or damaged?

If you included package protection in your order, you will receive a confirmation email from Route with a link to file a shipping issue. 

You can also file a shipping issue on Route’s app or click here. To file a claim, you will need your store order number or Route ID number, and the email address that was attached to the order.

Haven’t downloaded the app yet? Download here.


Why use Route Package Protection?

By selecting Route Protect at checkout, your order will be protected from loss, damage, or theft. In the unfortunate case that your order never arrives or is broken upon arrival, you can easily file a shipping issue with Route and receive a replacement or be reimbursed.


How does Route process refunds or reorders?

When a claim is reported and resolved, your product will either be reordered or refunded depending on in-stock availability and the percentage of discounts received.

Refunds: When refunding an item, Route covers the subtotal of the order. Shipping costs, taxes, and the Route premium are not included. 

Reorders: Route will reorder the items, depending on in-stock availability. Unavailable items will be refunded.

For more details on what to expect in an Order Issue Resolution, please click here.


When do I have to file a claim?

Lost Packages

  • Claims for packages presumed to be lost by the carrier (where the status is not "delivered") must be filed no earlier than 7 days after the last tracking update and no later than 30 days from the last checkpoint for United States domestic shipments (20 days for international shipments, including Canada, unless a Canadian merchant is shipping within Canada, in which case the 7-day domestic shipment timeline applies).

Stolen Packages

  • Claims for packages marked "delivered" yet not received are considered stolen, and must be filed 5 days after “delivery date” but no longer than 15 days to ensure it was not mis-delivered or easily found around the premises.

Damaged Packages

  • Claims for damaged items require photos of the packaging and item(s) and must be filed no later than 15 days from when it was marked delivered.

For a detailed breakdown of Route’s coverage criteria, you can view their policies here


Is the Route app free? 

Yes! The Route app has no fee or subscription associated with its use. Services include: 

Order Tracking

  • Route offers a convenient place to track all of your online purchases in a single app – all for free!

Package Protection

  • When you purchase from a merchant that Route partners with, you will see the option to purchase Route Package Protection during checkout. This will add a small, one-time fee to your order. This package protection means that if your package is damaged, lost, or stolen during the shipping process, you can report your issue at Route will then review your issue, and if it is approved, will refund or replace your order at no cost to you! 

To download the Route app, click here.